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Window Cleaning

The window cleaning industry generally has three types of cleaning. These are commonly known as a first clean, maintenance clean and builders clean (Please visit our commercial sector of the website)

First Clean

A residential customer will fall in to one of two categories. You may already have an existing window cleaner and would like to change or you maybe somebody who hasn't had one for a while.

Our standards may be very different from a previous or existing window cleaner and as a general rule of thumb will still require a first clean. If you are somebody who hasn't had one for some time then you will most definitely need a good first clean.

We are not happy with just cleaning the glass and expect our customers to have clean windows, frames, sills and doors. Top, bottom and all around the property. This is standard practice for us and is at no extra cost when cleaning on each visit.

We want to be thorough in our first cleans so that regular 4 weekly cleans will keep your property looking at it's best.

When carrying out a first clean we need to remove bird matter, spiders eggs and cobwebs. The frames maybe tired and dull and require a bi-degradable cleaning product.

Their will be pollutants from both the atmosphere and garden and maybe even paint speckles along with a variety of elements windows are exposed to all year round.


All of these require time, the correct methods/techniques, tools and cleaning products. As a general rule of thumb our first cleans will be the price of a maintenance clean plus 50%,100% and in some cases when not cleaned for some time an individual price will be given.

Maintenance Clean

Our maintenance cleans are carried out every four weeks. We believe that this offers the customer the best service and results all year round. Our maintenance cleans ensure that the windows along with all frames, sills and doors all around the property remain clean. If in the four weeks we have not frequented the property, the windows require a little more TLC then we endeavour to provide this at NO extra cost.

Price Guide

We believe our prices are competitive and a reflection of the professional standards and service that we provide. We hold public liability insurance, we pay an annual subscription to the Window Cleaners Alliance W.C.A and we are also a subscribed member of Checkatrade where you can find reviews and proof of insurances etc.