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Do you have Gutter clutter?

Neglected roof guttering can lead to severe and expensive damage to your home or building! Saturation and overflow are fundamental signs of gutter blockages, are you waiting in fear of the next time you have
to climb up a ladder just to unblock your grimy gutter?

The solution is SkyVac. An affordable service brought to you by Cleanaway NW.

The SkyVac is an award winning, industry leading, external industrial vacuum. Reaching heights of up to 40 feet, the SkyVac can undertake the hardest of cleaning tasks with ease. Allowing us to clean hard to reach areas such as over conservatories, trees and deep roof valleys. With an onboard camera for maximum and efficient cleaning, customer satisfaction comes as guaranteed.

The triple powered Vacuum of the SkyVac, can also be used indoors for commercial purposes, to gain access and vacuum up those dusty fire alarms, security cameras and ventilation ducts which could be a fire hazard leaving absolutely no mess and maintaining a professional and hygienic atmosphere to any commercial business.



If you think you have a Guttering problem… a solution is never out of reach!